CSA Missing Plate Stamps

[CSA Stamp]
2 Cents. This stamp shows J.C. Calhoun (1782 - 1850). It was NEVER ISSUED by the CSA Government. The plates for this stamp along with a 10 cents version were sent to Richmond but were captured toward the end of the war. The 10 cents plate was destroyed. However, the location of the 2 cents plate was not known until around 1920. August Dietz Sr. acquired it and and ran off a quantity of sheets in deep green. He shortly, thereafter, stopped due to complaints from stamp collectors. The balance of the run was discovered in the trunk in one of his company warehouses in 1975. The plate has since been made into a coffee table. As far as anyone knows, only those printed by Dietz exist today. Others have been photo-lithographed from these stamps.

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