Who Am I?

My name is Vance and I am a collector of Authentic Confederate Currency, Bonds, Documents, Autographs, and other Civil War Paper. I do this as a hobby and not as a job. I welcome any correspondence via email from anyone who is interested in the hobby.

I am interested in any neat sites on the WEB that are related to the Civil War. If you have a favorite WEB Site that I might find interesting, please let me know.

I buy paper items related to the Civil War and have friends who collect the same plus other civil war artifacts (stamps, bullets, guns, prints, etc). In addition, please send me email if you think you might have something to sell.


If you think you have a real CSA Note and would like information on it (is it real, what's it worth, etc), send me email WITH THE DETAILS (type, date, pictures, serial #, colors, condition, and size) and I will try to help. Please refer to the rest of this site for more information. There is no charge for this service.

Please enjoy this site and give me any comments that you might think would enhance it.

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