Grading of Paper Currency

Uncirculated (U) A Note that has never been in circulation. New and unused without any folds. It would look as though it had just been printed.
Almost Uncirculated (AU) A Note that "U" in every area but has (only) one minor crease or smudge.
Extra Fine (EF) A note that is nearly uncirculated but will have a few LIGHT folds and possibly some minor smudges.
Very Fine (VF) A note that has more light folds and one or two heavier folds. These are generally clean and do not have any tears or are badly aged.
Fine (F) This note resembles the average condition of those found in your pocket. These notes generally show considerable circulation and have many heavy and light folds. The note may also have some soiling and a few nicks.
Very Good (VG) These notes are completely limp. The note is complete with no pieces missing but may have many small tears in the edge.
Good (G) These notes are very worn and mostly complete. Some small pieces missing and may show signinficant aging. Soiling usually covers the entire note.
< Good (<G) Less than Good is generally a note that has at least one large piece out of the note and other damage but generally still presentable.
Cancellations These notes have been intentially damaged by the CSA Government. There are four basic types. First, Cut out cancelled (COC) notes have two large pieces missing usually out of the bottom signature lines or two circlular holes near the center of the note. Secondly, cut cancelled (CC) notes have no pieces missing but generally two "X" shaped slashes in the note. Third, punch cancelled (PC) notes have (usually 6) small holes punched out of the note (this was only used on very early CSA Notes). Finally, write cancelled notes will have the word "Cancelled" either stamped or written across the note one or more times.

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