C.S.A. 1 Cent Coin

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In 1861, Robert Lovett of Philadelphia was hired by the CSA to design, engrave, and make the 1 cent piece. He used the Liberty Head for the obverse. Using nickel, he made a few samples of which only 12 are currently known to exist. Since he was from the North, he stopped his work and hid everything.

In 1874, a man by the name of Haseltine came into possesion of the dies and made 7 more coins in gold, 12 more coins in silver and 55 in copper. He did NOT make any more in nickel so they would not be confused with the originals. The dies were then defaced.

In 1957 another man aquired the dies and made coins in Silver (shown in picture), Goldine, and Bronze. The dies were then donated to the Smithsoian Institute where they reside today.

Coin Mintage Value in MS-65
Original 12 $35,000.00
Gold Restrike 7 unknown
Silver Restrike 12 $18,000.00
Copper Restrike 55 $15,000.00
1957 Silver Restrike 2,500* $350.00
1957 Goldine Restrike 5,000 $200.00
1957 Bronze Restrike 10,000* $150.00

There are some that believe there 5,000 struck of each the Silver, Goldine, and Bronze. However, no official records have been found to verify the actual amounts.

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